1993年修畢香港大學校外課程所舉辦之現代雕塑文憑課程;同年隨唐景森先生習木雕。作品於 2008年入選香港藝術中心三十周年藝術獎,  2005年入選香港藝術雙年展,1993入選視覺藝術協會舉辦之視藝創明天視覺藝術創作大賽,1996 1999入選夏利豪基會藝術比賽。

馮的作品描繪了香港中產階層的生存狀態,從而探討他們日常所面對的挑戰。藝術家曾參與多個海外、本地及內地展覽;其作品可見於不同的公共空間,如商場及鐵路站等,同時廣為私人、大學、機構及博物館收藏。作品曾於蘇富比「當代亞洲藝術」部分中拍 賣。


Born and raised in Hong Kong, Kevin Fung has lead a double life as a common office workers by day and artist by nights for years. Fung switched from his trained profession of engineering to devoting fully to his art in 2011. 

Fung received his BEng from University of Calgary, Canada in 1987 and later obtained the Diploma of Contemporary Sculpture from University of Hong Kong in 1993, followed by his studies with the renowned sculptor Tong King Sum.

His works represent the daily rituals of Hong Kong's middle class while exploring the challenges we all face. Fung has participated in a number of exhibitions in Hong Kong and mainland China as well as overseas. His works can often be viewed in public spaces such as shopping malls and mass transit station in Hong Kong and mainland China. His artworks have been featured in Contemporary Asian Art in Sotheby’s.

Fung has been appointed by The Leisure and Cultural Services Department of Hong Kong Government as Museum Expert Adviser on 2014.

1993  Certificate of Contemporary Sculpture University of Hong Kong

          School of Professional and Continuing Education

          Hong Kong

1993  Study wood carving from Mr. Tong King-Sum

1993  Outstanding Awards

          Hong Kong Visual Art Competition "Visual Art Creates Tomorrow”

          Hong Kong Visual Art Society

          Hong Kong

1994  Kiln Working Glass course

          Sheridan College, Ontario, 


1996 Finalist, Sculpture Category

          Philippe Charriol Foundation Art Competition

          Hong Kong

1996 Finalist, Painting Category

          Philippe Charriol Foundation Art Competition

          Hong Kong

1999 Finalist, Sculpture Category

          Philippe Charriol Foundation Art Competition

          Hong Kong

2005 Artwork selected for the 15th Hong Kong Art Biennial 作品入選第十五屆香港藝術雙年展

          Hong Kong

2008 Honourable Prize

          Hong Kong Arts Centre 30th Anniversary Award

          Hong Kong

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